(Video) Chicago UBF Orchestra Report

As our prayer for CIS and world mission, Chicago UBF Orchestra held “A Musical Odyssey to Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, and Russia” at 2 p.m. on February 13, 2012 at the Main Hall of Chicago Center. Around 200 audiences including M. Sarah Barry, P. Abraham Kim, Dr. John Jun and the families of Matthew Groters enjoyed this beautiful Concert.

The program was as follows:

Conductors : James Rarick and Curie Lee

25 Orchestra members:

  • Violin 1: Matthew Groters-Concert master (NEIU), David Cho (Loyola), Hannah Lee (UIC), Richard Choi (NE G)
  • Violin 2: Arby Mary Miranda (North Park), Josephine Wang (Lincoln Park IB), Anna Joy Ahn (L P IB)
  • Viola: Christine Mun (Loyola), Sarah Wolff (NU)
  • Cello: Sarah Lee (Loyola), Samuel Rarick (Gordon Tech)
  • Flute: Pauline Ahn (Loyola), Grace Yoshiba (Loyola), Jonathan Cho( L P IB)
  • Oboe: Grace Park
  • Clarinet: Ilya Ushomirsky, Mary Lim (Northside College Prep), Jonathan Lee (L P IB)
  • Bassoon: Jim Cook
  • French Horn: Moses Lee (L P IB)
  • Trumpet: Esther Ahn (L P IB)
  • Trombone : Jared Erickson (NU. PhD)
  • Percussion: Joseph Horvath (LP IB)
  • Piano: Curie Lee

Part One

-In the Steppes of Central Asia by Alexander Borodin. 1833-1887 (Russia)
-The Moldau (Vlatava) by Bedrich Smetana. 1824-1884 (Czech Republic)

Part two

-Hungarian Rhapsody No2 by Franz List (arr Doppler)  1811-1866 (Hungary)
-Violin Concerto (1st Mvt) by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky  1840-1893 (Russia)/ Violin Soloist, Matthew Groters