Update of Sh. Philip Lee's health, Korea

From last Monday to Wednesday (Feb. 27-29) I went through the first round of chemotherapy at Seburance medical center and was discharged.
Next Tuesday I will briefly see my doctor at the outpatient clinic and continue to take medicine until next weekend. During the third week I will stop taking medicine preparing for the second round chemotherapy.  My second round of chemotherapy is scheduled on March 20. In this way I will have eight cycles of chemotherapy, having three week intervals for each treatment and it will take six months.

Before the next round of chemotherapy I need to have blood work and other tests. Only when the result is good the treatment can progress according to schedule.  Currently the side affects in my body are loss of appetite and a little bit of hiccups. In order to bear the rest of chemotherapy well I need to strengthen my body and to maintain my weight  and eat high protein foods.

I really thank God and am greatly encouraged by all the servants of God who love and earnestly pray for me throughout the world.

In Christ,
Philip Lee