Bolivia UBF Workshop Report

During the week of February 18-21, there was a carnival in Bolivia.  While the carnival was in progress, all regular activities stopped and people were overcome by the spirit of the carnival.  From Feb. 19-20 (Sun.-Mon.) the Bolivia UBF held a workshop and more than 30 leaders attended it.

The theme of the workshop was God’s wilderness training.  The first lecture was from Numbers 13-14, “Explore the Promised Land” delivered by Sh. Abraham Eric.  Right after the lecture all of the attendants wrote their personal testimonies and shared them. In the evening, M. Esteban Cho delivered the second lecture from Deuteronomy 8:1-10 with a title, “God’s Wilderness Training.” Some leaders had been suffering from a sense of failure as they didn’t see visible fruit after serving many sheep.

But we learned the principle of 10,000 times of repeated training from God who trained the second generation of the Israelites through 40 years of daily bread training. So even if we can’t have 10,000 times of 1:1 Bible studies, at least we must feed 100 sheep. We took this as our prayer topic. Also through the transformation of two sisters through six-month common life training at the center, we learned the importance of basic discipline of our spiritual life. So we decided to pray to build the second floor to one of the twin buildings this year for the sake of common life of the growing people.

On Monday morning we had time to write deep testimony on the second lecture.  After that M. Esteban Cho led a workshop on inductive Bible study.  Praise God who is molding and growing our ministry as a discipleship ministry through various struggles and problems.

One Word: God who gave 40 years of daily bread training

Reported by M. Esteban Cho