“This is My Story” Rally Report in West LA

The West LA UBF Ministry/Church held a rally for students on the California State University-Northridge (CSUN) campus from Sept 14-16, 2011. The rally was called, “This is My Story.”  Shepherd Andrew Martin (Northern Kentucky University), Pastor Teddy Hembekides (Triton College) and I were invited as speakers to give our testimonial life testimonies.  All members of the West LA UBF (Paul Chin, pastor) and Granada Hills UBF (Gideon Klijian, pastor) gave their whole hearts to prepare for this event in order to help bring new students. 

Pastor Paul said that they printed over 60,000 flyers and distributed as many as they could by hand. They made a banner, signboard, chalking on campus, 100 T-shirts as well as rented the Grand Salon, hired three professional musicians and connected with clubs and local churches. They prayed day and night for this event. It was very moving that everyone in the ministry gave their hearts to prepare for this. It was a chance for young student shepherds to participate. I could see young student shepherds standing by tables and going out to students in order to invite them to the rally. About 50-60 total members gathered each day of the rally.

The worship music was outstanding. Those who attended were very moved by the changed lives of the speakers. I spent time talking to a new girl, Emily, who said that she really liked the rally, especially the great music and testimonies of the speakers. She said she will meet Faith Chin for Bible study soon. After each night, all of us had a great time of fellowship at the West LA church with Korean barbeque and Armenian barbeque. After the rally, Pastor Paul Chin took us boating with some of the student shepherds. He said it would be good for me to go on a jet ski and go parasailing while in California since I don’t get the chance to do these while living in Chicago. I was at first scared, but by faith and to be a blessing, I went on a jet ski, tubing and parasailing, flying 600 feet into the air in a parachute while a boat pulled me. I must say that I never did any of these before! I am thankful for their gracious serving and overflowing hospitality to me while there. I was refreshed in my spirit.

I thank God who blessed God’s precious servants in West LA and Granada Hills when they gave their heart to prepare for the rally. I could see that the ministry is like a big, loving family. Most coworkers and student shepherds live right near the church and I felt a great sense of warm fellowship there. I was very encouraged by them. May God continue to bless their hearts to serve the students at CSUN and raise disciples of Jesus there.

Reported by Dr. Helen Rarick