UPDATE of 2016 WMR

Updated registration information.

By May 28 the registration for the WMR Missionary conference reached 694 (154 from Korea and 540 missionaries).


You can manage/change your registration details on "My Page" on the registration site. If Chrome or FireFox does not work with the website, change your web browser to Internet Explorer. You can submit your queries or special requests on the "special request” tab of the registration site.  If you experience any problems registering, email webmaster@ubf.org (Msn. Andrew Yoon), or learnjesus@hanmail.net (Shep. Mark Yoon). 

Please pray for Dr. Abraham Kim’s main message and for Shep. David Kim and the preparation staff in Korea.

Korea World Mission Dept.


A letter of invitation 

Dear UBF co-workers,

(2016 World Mission Report/Missionaries and Shepherds Conference) 

"You will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation." (Exodus 19:6a) 

Thank God for making us a kingdom of priests and a holy nation over the last 55 years, enabling us to feed campuses across the world with the Word of God. Praise God for using our missionaries and native shepherds for this precious ministry. We have been holding World Mission Reports (WMR) and Missionaries/Shepherds Conferences every five years, together with our mission co-workers, giving thanks to God and glorifying Him for his wonderful work of salvation all over the world.

This year, the 2016 WMR will be held at JangChoong Gymnasium, in Seoul, onJune 5 (Sunday). Dr. Abraham Kim, the UBF General Director, will deliver the main message, while national shepherds from different continents will share 5 mission reports. As part of the program, there will also be joyful and graceful cultural performances. We hope to present and rediscover our spiritual identity and our future direction through the main message. We pray to share God's ministry and give praise to Him through the mission reports and life testimonies. We will also use this opportunity to pray together for God to continually use us for the world mission task. 

From the evening of June 5 (Sunday) to June 8 (Wednesday), there will be a Missionaries ad Shepherds Conference at La-vie-dor Resort in Hwasung, Gyeonggi Province. Through studying Deuteronomy, we pray to learn God's hope and vision for us, renew our calling as Bible teachers, and shepherds, and form a strong vessel of the Holy Spirit through the fellowship between missionaries, national shepherds, and Korean co-workers. 

I cordially invite our missionaries and national shepherds to this meeting. May God continue to use us as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation for his world mission purpose.

March 14, 2016
David Kim
Korea UBF Director
University Bible Fellowship

WMR: There will be a main message given by Dr. Abraham Kim and mission reports by five national shepherds. 
Registration for the Missionaries and Shepherds Conference is possible on Korea UBF's main homepage (ubf.kr).

Program :  


1) 6/5 - WMR begins at 2:00 

2) 6/5 - Opening Message begins at 8:00 


Life Testimony Speakers: 

Steven Sebbale (Uganda), Augustine (CIS), Gustavo Prato (Venezuela), Bob Henkins (USA), Alison Haga (Taiwan) 


Tour after 2016 Missionaries-Shepherds' Conference

For those who attend 2016 WMR and Missionaries/Shepherds conference, a tour will be arranged

(1) For Korean missionaries: A trip (1 night, 2 days) to Kwangju UBF history museum and, Aeyangwon (Rev Sohn's memorial hall) in Yeosu. 
(2) For national shepherds and second-gen missionaries: A trip (2 night, 3 days) to Mt. Seoraksan and the East Coast. 

Participants will depart straight from the conference venue, immediately after the conference on June 8th. The tour fee is only USD 50, including meals and accommodation. Let us know if you would like to book a place in the 'Special Request' column on the registration website. (The fee to be paid in cash at the conference venue)

Attached :

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