Dr. Victor Kulikauskas’ Home Coming

Dear brothers and friends in the Lord Jesus Christ:

One of the long time members of Chicago UBF, Dr. Victor Kulikauskas, has passed away recently. He was invited to Bible study by Dr. Gideon Bahn many years ago when Dr. Samuel Lee sent out all UBF fellowship leaders to the streets and countryside to share the gospel. Gideon met him in the neighborhood, invited him to Bible study and he came. Later, he studied the Bible with M. Isaac Choi and came to know Dr. Samuel Lee personally.

I received a lot of grace from Dr. Victor's prayers and encouragement. He studied the Bible faithfully, participated in Sunday worship service regularly and attended many UBF conferences. He appreciated the Sunday messages and supported Dr. Samuel Lee's prayer and effort to raise Jesus' disciples for N. America and for the world. My children looked forward to visiting his house on Halloween because he gave them personal attention and extra special treats. They thought of him like one of their own grandfathers. I know he was looking forward to going to heaven and he anticipated meeting Dr. Lee again in glory. I miss him. May God rest his soul and comfort and encourage all of his family members.

We heard about his passing through the visit of his son several days ago. I do not have the details. Dr. Victor had been living in an assisted living facility for some time. His family is taking care of the funeral service. His son invited any UBF members who so desire to attend. It will be a military funeral at the Abraham Lincoln Cemetery in Joliet, Illinois on August 4 at 11:00 a.m. The family has requested those who will attend to give advance notice. You can do so by calling M. Isaac Choi, who will relay the final list to the family. M. Isaac's phone number is 773-338-6602. His e-mail address is also included in this e-mail.

Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ, P. Ron