2018 International Summer Bible Conference



The kingdom of God is at the heart of the Bible. When God reigns on the throne of our hearts, we experience grace, peace, joy and freedom in all circumstances. Our communities are filled with His love and compassion. We have the power of the Holy Spirit to serve others with the gospel. The kingdom of God is everything. A fruitful life and ministries flow out of it. In truth, the kingdom has come through the gospel to all believers and to the church, but Jesus’ reign here on earth is still limited. By crying out to God to increase our obedience to King Jesus, we want to see the vision of His kingdom through this conference. May God’s kingdom expand in our hearts, in our church community and ministries, and in our countries as we come to Him with this prayer, “Your kingdom come!”

Date: August 9~12, 2018
Venue: KICC (Kentucky International Convention Center) 
             221 S. 4th St, Louisville, KY 40202