Endorsement from Rev. Willam R. Glass

NAE Headquarters
Attn: Kyle Fisk
11025 Voyager Parkway
Colorado Springs CO 80921

June 24, 2007

Dear Mr. Fisk,

I am writing on behalf of University Bible Fellowship at the request of Pastor Jacob Lee, who has been a friend of mine and pastor of the UBF church in College Park, Maryland. I had the privilege of meeting with him, teaching at his church as well as at the Leadership conference last September in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a result of my interaction with him as well as other leaders, I am convinced that UBF is a solidly conservative Christian fellowship which adheres to the traditional fundamentals of the faith. They hold conservative Christian cultural values as they relate to biblical values and truths. We were very impressed with the leaders, both from Korean and non-Korean roots, as we met formerly and informally with them.

There can be no doubt that UBF is conservative evangelical in doctrine and conservative in Korean values of leadership and mentorship. Unfortunately, some have misunderstood their Korean cultural roots, as part of their leadership style, and have wrongly associated them with cultic practices. Nothing can be further from the truth. They are very loyal, humble, and highly respectful to those in authority – qualities that are weak in many American “conservative” churches. My wife and I were impressed with their discipline and commitment to reaching University students and faculty. The fellowship as a whole and individual churches within, are reaching a segment of our society that has been generally ignored by most conservative churches. They exemplify the unity we have in our diversity in Christ. My wife and I are glad that we were able to take the time to meet with, minister to, and actually see the fruit of their ministry for Christ around the world.

I very highly recommend them into membership and inclusion to the NEA family. They would be a tremendous asset to your organization.

Rev. William R. Glass, M.Div., Th.M.
Pastor: Mid-Shore Community Church
Adjunct Professor: Capital Bible Seminary

Rev. Willam R. Glass
Mid-Shore Community Church