Endorsement from Professor Scott Moreau

NAE Headquarters
Attn: Kyle Fisk
11025 Voyager Parkway
Colorado Springs CO 80921

January 24, 2005

Dear Mr. Fisk,

I am writing on behalf of University Bible Fellowship at the request of Dr. Mark Yoon, who has been a friend of mine over the past eight years. Over the course of that time we have shared fellowship at numerous meetings, including several discussions on cultural values as they relate to biblical values and truths.

There can be no doubt that UBF is conservative evangelical in doctrine and conservative in Korean values of leadership and mentorship. To Americans used to autonomous independence and unfamiliar with Korean culture, the Korean-styled leadership structure that characterizes UBF seems overly hierarchical. Some have decided that it is cultish. However, within the Korean context that was the birthplace of UBF, such a structure demonstrates commitment, discipline, and integrity. The style of leadership and commitment that characterizes UBF can also be found among other highly-regarded Korean Christian ministries. For example, numerous Korean churches are lauded for having daily prayer meetings starting as early as 4:00 am. While this would be seen as extreme by some in the American context, to the Koreans this is a symbol of the extent of their commitment to Christ—and many missiologists note that the startling growth of the Korean Church in the 20th century may very well be attributed to this level of dedication.

As an American who lived abroad in Africa for a decade, and who has taught contextualization and intercultural communication for over 20 years, I see UBF as a thriving contextualized effort to develop a body of committed believers who desire to reach the world for Christ. The fact that so many Korean Christian groups (such as Campus Crusade for Christ Korea) fellowship with UBF and hold it in high regard supports this view.

Thus I highly recommend that UBF be seen as nothing more than a strongly-disciplined Christian ministry that makes high demands of its membership—and thus appropriate for inclusion in the NAE family. I would be happy to have further contact or discussion with you on this if it may be of assistance in your consideration of reinstating UBF to NAE membership.


Scott Moreau (About Scott Moreau)

Professor and Chair, Intercultural Studies Department
Editor, Evangelical Missions Quarterly

Professor Scott Moreau
Evangelical Missions Quarterly