Endorsement from Dr. John H. Armstrong

June 5, 2007

General Secretary
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
440 West Jubal Drive, Suite 130
Winchester, VA 22601

Dear Madam / Sir:

I write this letter of recommendation for the University Bible Fellowship (UBF). I have known the work of UBF first-hand for several years. I have personally watched them deal with various issues and faithfully seek to proclaim the gospel, especially through small house churches near college campus settings. The ministry lives by biblical principles and strives faithfully to obey Christ in all things.

UBF has been the recipient of some criticism and I have investigated some of these matters firsthand. I find the charges against UBF to be essentially baseless. Most of them are rooted in culture and practices that some Americans do not like. They have proven themselves to be honest in their relationship with me and have also shown the clearest financial and moral integrity at every point. I am happy to be associated with UBF and many of their North American leaders. They have treated me with respect and demonstrated real biblical religion.

UBF openly seeks to improve its mission and practice faithfully and thus it remains in contact with a number of notable Christian leaders in North America who are outside their movement. They wholeheartedly accept the Word of God as the basis for their ministry and their theology is consistently within the parameters of orthodox historic Christian faith.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have as you process the request of UBF for membership in ECFA.

Sincerely in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

John H. Armstrong (About John H. Armstrong)

Dr. John H. Armstrong