South America
The Life Testimony of Sh. Raul, Mexico

The God of Mexico

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God´s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God- this is your spiritual act of worship” (Rom.12:1)

Prayer Topics for Brazil

Brazil UBF June 6, 2014 Nowadays, the condition of Brazil is as follows: Socially and politically, the citizens demonstrate against extravagance with the public purse, which resulted in preparation for the World Cup; economically, the situation is also not good due to the spread of inflation; the people bring up questions about incompetency and decay of national leaders and there is greater consciousness on the part of Brazilians.


Letter from La Plata in Argentina (M. Mary Cho)

La Plata UBF, Argentina June 5, 2014 In April, we moved into the new center. After we sent out M. John Moon’s family to pioneer the agricultural school of UBA, God helped us to find this new center and move here enlarging our tent even though our coworkers are fewer. In the new center, we can see students in the morning and in the evening because it is located right in front of the school. We pray that we may invite new Bible students and raise up 30 Sunday worship service and ten house churches within five years.


Prayer request from Maria Lee (Paraguay UBF, Staying in Hanyang UBF, Korea )

Paraguay UBF June 3, 2014 Dear precious servants of the Lord: On May 15 when I was on my way home after finishing the prayer meeting at Hanyang UBF I was hit by a motorcycle. I have several fractured ribs and my kneecap was smashed into pieces by the accident. Immediately, I was hospitalized and on May 21 I underwent a surgical operation. My doctor said it will take three more months for recovery. They put two artificial bones and nine iron pins in my knees. I thank God, however, for protecting my life in the accident keeping watch over me and from all my distress of my life.


M. Esteban Cho Delivered a Lecture in KIMNET

Bolivia UBF May 29, 2014

Esteban Cho's Lecture in KIMNET (Paraguay)

1. Dr. Esteban Cho delivered a lecture based on the Bible and psychology to encourage pastors and missionaries who become depressed or burned out. 2. He also shared with us the following:


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